Trying New Things – Audiobooks

It’s always a good idea to try something at least once.

This week is going to be kind of hectic for me. I haven’t finished any books that aren’t part of a series (and I’m not going to review book 3 before the first two), I have a weird work schedule, and I’m getting ready to make a 6 hour road trip without the hubster or the kiddo. In preparation for the trip, I’m trying out audio books*.

I know. I used to think they were just for nice old ladies who needed their Harlequin fix. Not so, my friends!!

So I thought I’d start with a story I already knew, in case I hated being read to. My library is currently out of Harry Potter. They don’t even own one of the Kingkiller Chronicles. Ok. I can find something. I started to think that maybe I should have requested my audio books a few weeks ago. I didn’t realize there would be 40+ holds on Harry. I started to check for other things. There are a lot of fantasy books that I want to get into now that I’m really embracing my nerdy side. (I’ve always embraced it, but I’ve never dived into it like Thelma and Louise.)

My public library has ended their relationship with Overdrive (Hurray! For reasons that I might go into someday. If you’re curious, go visit Librarian in Black and find her many posts on Overdrive. Go ahead, open a new tab. There’s a link to her under Blogs I like.) Anyway, when they DID have Overdrive I accidentally checked out an audio book and never listened to it. I tried their new audiobook system because I was happy to see that I could download it to my iPhone. I’m a huge fan of listening to things as I fall asleep. Did it work? Nope. I encountered so many errors in so many different places. Suffice it to say that I deleted it after an hour of shaking my tiny fists in rage.

Really, sometimes it’s just better to go to the library and do it yourself. I went, I browsed. I’m already on the second disc of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. There’s No Way that I won’t finish this on my commute tomorrow. The total run time is only about 2.5 hours anyway.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
BBC Radio

This was originally recorded in 1978. Americans have a.. special relationship with BBC. They either love it or hate it and there are plenty of things for everyone to giggle about. The sound effects are very 1970s. Some of the voice actors are a bit difficult to tell apart. I thought Ford Prefect was having a conversation with himself but he was talking to Arthur Dent and Zaphod. I haven’t finished this yet, but I *love* Hitchhiker’s Guide and I’m really loving it, cheesy sound effects and terrible music and all. I know a lot of people aren’t fond of the newest film adaptation (Alan Rickman as Marvin! Zooey Deschenal as Trillian!) so they might like this a bit more.

*I think it should be audiobooks. Spell Check disagrees.


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