Toddler Thursday – A few of our favorite things

Do you have a small person that demands books and snacks and constant entertainment? I do. We’re usually safe as long as the books and the bunny grahams hold out. I’m sure we all have books in our collections that when brought to us, causes us to cringe and think “Oh gawd, not THAT one again!” You try to bargain but the tiny overlord is insistent. Nothing but this book will make him happy. What do you do? You take a trip to the library or bookstore and try to find something that you can tolerate to read 284364947 times in a row. I’m going to help you with that. These are toddler-approved options that you’ll actually enjoy.

Oh sorry, I’m not actually here today. I’m just going to share a few of my favorites.
Star Wars ABC
Star Wars ABC

We love Star Wars. What better way to start Junior’s nerducation but with phrases like “L is for Luke. Luke is a legendary Jedi.” and “E is for Ewok. Ewoks fight against the Empire.” See? You have the alphabet AND a basic understanding of Empire/Rebel politics. Also, it seems to be indestructible, which is a bonus with rowdy kids.


Let's Get Moving (My First)My First Things That Go

Another indestructible board book. I know, you’re thinking “But aren’t they all?” NO. No, they aren’t. I’ve seen my kid chew one to death with only three teeth. Who knows what he can do now with a full mouth. I digress. Kiddo loves this book. “Wow, truck! Wow, car! Wow, tractor! Wow, bike! Wow, choo choo! Wow, boat! Wow, airplane!” There’s a lot of wow factor with this one. I like it because it’s a DK book and has pictures of real objects instead of silly cartoons.


Tabbed Board Books: My First Farm: Let's Get Working! (TAB BOARD BOOKS)
We have the farm version of this book too. Again, the pictures are of real objects! Cartoons have their places, but not when I’m trying to explain that there really is a difference between a cow and a sheep. One of the cool things about this is the animal products are around the pictures of the animal. So for sheep it has a wool, a knitted sweater and a ball of yarn. I think the cow has butter and milk, chickens have eggs. There’s a section just for birds and another section for baby animals “Awww goat! NAAAAAAAAA.”


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