Time to talk of cabbages and kings..

Thanksgiving week is busy for people in the US.

First, we will prove to every other civilized country that we are gluttonous, wasteful, lazy creatures. As someone who eats almost as much as she reads, I am very excited about my impeding date with turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce (the real stuff, not the jello-like substance from the can), chicken and noodles, appetizers, various desserts.. Mmmm. Thankfully my family is huge so after a few hours there’s nothing left when we regain consciousness from our gravy-coma. See? Lazy and gluttonous, but not wasteful. Breaking stereotypes!

WAIT. First, we all travel. Wednesday is the biggest travel day of the year. Traffic is going to be cray-cray.

First, travel. Second, eating. Third, showing up at the Walmart (because we will be in the middle of nowhere with no other options) at 8pm for Black Friday sales. Yes. 8pm Thursday for Black Friday sales. I do not plan on doing this. I actually try to avoid these sales. And I prefer Cyber Monday. My mom and I have started a habit of going to antique stores on Black Friday. It’s nice to not wrestle people over old children’s books and teacups.

What do you need when you know you’re going to be in the car 15+ hours?

BOOKS. (And snacks. And don’t forget some water, we don’t want you to get dehydrated. We CARE about you.)

Here’s what I’m taking to read
The Book of Unholy Mischief – Elle Newmark
Tell the Wolves I’m Home – Carol Rifka
The Roots of the Olive Tree – Courtney Miller Santo


In other news, you may be seeing more of me next month. Unfortunately, this is because of budget cuts that have resulted in me becoming unemployed in a few weeks. I’ve been spending my free time applying to all sorts (ALL SORTS) of jobs. I think that a major roadblock is how people perceive librarians. There’s still the belief that we went to school to learn how to stamp due dates. In reality we’re on top of the latest technologies, we have excellent organizational and research skills, we left school with marketing experience, we teach our patrons/clients constantly… our skills can be used in nearly any profession.

Ideally, I will be offered a position at my local public library. However, those positions are few and far between (I’ve applied to ~20 jobs in the last few days. Less than 5 were in a library.) and the area is saturated with people who have the MLS. I’ve been applying to a lot of positions that want a slightly different degree, but ask for all of the skills I possess. I hope that I (and others in the area) can generate a paradigm shift and employers will see that we’re valuable employees who can meet their challenges. *steps off soapbox* Thank you for listening.



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